July 12, 2018
Top 5 Destinations for which South Africa is Famous premium
Someone once said to me – “South Africa! I swear it’s top of my bucket list at the moment, I can’t wait to go there, do you want to go together?” – and I thought, “South Africa? Ok… What? And why?”
June 13, 2018
Fun Ways to Create Beautiful Travel Memories premium
If you have been reading my blog or follow me on Instagram, you’ll notice that I take a lot of photos. Travel photography is something I really enjoy. It is great when I get home, look at my pictures, and feel that I have captured the essence of the village, town, or city I stayed […]
May 31, 2018
Why You Should Travel the US on a Bus premium
The United States of America is huge. From the Atlantic Coast to the Pacific it’s going to take you about a week to get across if you’re going overland, and you’ll do 2,680 miles at its shortest point. If you’re going north to south you’ll clock up 1,582 miles. To get an idea of the […]
May 18, 2018
What to Do in Sydney for First-Time Visitors premium
Traveling to Sydney could be one of the most exciting trips you will ever have in your whole life. This lovely city in the Land Down Under will spoil you with so much great things. It is one of the ultimate travel destinations in the world, so grab the opportunity to visit this city right […]
May 4, 2018
Four Great Things to Enjoy in Rome premium
Rome is a fantastic city. It has a long and interesting history, so, unsurprisingly, there is plenty to do and see there. Here are some of the highlights:
April 23, 2018
Why Do So Many Tourists Visit London? premium
London is one of the most cosmopolitan cities in the world. It has a diverse range of people and cultures with over 300 languages being spoken. Measured by passenger traffic, it has the world’s largest city airport system and millions of tourists from around the globe visit London every year.

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