Eight Great Hours in Miami
Leah Walker October 21, 2012

I hadn’t planned on going to Miami, but I’m also not one to turn down an invitation, last minute or not.

My frequent travel partner, Mrs. O Around the World, offered up an unbelievably tempting offer:  an ocean-front suite, dinner at a AAA Four-Diamond Rated steakhouse, spa treatments, and beach time. And with Mr. O having a Saturday flight to Orlando for business, Mrs. O would be on her own. Now, I couldn’t have my friend come all the way from England and leave her to her own devices. That would be down-right rude and un-American of me. Thus, miles were used and flights were booked. In less than a week’s time, I found myself on a United flight bound for Miami.

Miami 17

Hello, sunny Florida!

I landed mid-afternoon in Miami after an hour’s delay in Houston. I emerged from the surprisingly drab airport only to find Mrs. O waiting patiently. After a quick hug hello, I threw my luggage in the Jeep, and we were off to the Westin Diplomat in Hollywood.


This was my first time in the city and I was searching for things to do in Miami, but through movies and TV, I felt like I had a good idea what to expect. The drive to the hotel did nothing to change my previous conception of South Florida. The palm trees, beach culture, and architecture were all what I expected, but it’s always surreal for me to see a place for the first time with such a unique identity.

We pulled up to the Diplomat and were immediately greeted with warm smiles. “Hello, Mrs. O’Reilly. Welcome back.” It seemed as if everyone was genuinely happy to see us. We headed into the massive light-filled lobby, found the bank of elevators, and quickly were delivered to the 30th floor.

Miami Diplomat

Behind the door to room 3071 were giant floor-to-ceiling windows that opened up to a balcony and unspoiled view Atlantic. I didn’t even bother to look at the beautiful suite. Instead, I headed straight for the sliding-glass door. I’m normally scared of heights, but the brilliant blue of the sky and sea distracted me from any fear I may have felt

The salty breeze invigorated me as I slowly breathed it in. Feeling brave, I leaned over the glass balcony only to be quickly brought back to reality. Before vertigo set in, I pulled myself back to safety, but not before taking note of the large number of hot tubs, lounge chairs, cabanas, and pools below.

Miami 16

Daylight was burning, and Mrs. O was eager to get back to the beach and Mr. O. I wanted to settle in, and honestly, I needed to publish a post I’d written on the plane. Such is the life of a travel blogger, right? I knew wouldn’t have much beach time as the three of us had spa appointments. I managed to slip on my suit and join Mr. and Mrs. O.

Miami 1

As I made my way down to the beach, I noticed that the afternoon sun had lost it’s strength, which was perfect for my English/Scottish complexion. The soft, smooth sand was warm on my feet, and the breeze was just enough to make the 85-degree temperature comfortable. For my arrival, South Florida had given me picture-perfect weather.

Miami 2

After hugs and kisses hello to Mr. O, I nestled into my lounger beneath the large, blue umbrella. Remembering my tendency to burn from Palm Springs, Mr. O had my lair ready. Far removed from the hustle and bustle of South Beach, our spot at the Diplomat was exactly what I desired for a few leisurely hours in the sun.

But as quickly as I arrived, it was time to depart; the spa was calling.

Waiting for us in front was a car that would carry us the few miles to the Diplomat’s golf and spa facilities. After a quick check in, Mrs. O and I departed to the female locker room as Mr. O went to the men’s. Robes, slippers, and lockers were provided, and we were given a tour of the facilities. Being that it was 6:00 pm, Mrs. O and I had the place to ourselves. The environment was peaceful and calming, exactly what I expect in a spa. It wasn’t long before my name was called for my fifty-minute Swedish massage.

Miami 15

There isn’t much that I enjoy more than a massage, and I was in the capable hands of Anthony. He led me into the dimly-lit room and told me to remove my robe and lay face down on the table. I knew the drill, but the instructions sounded so much nicer delivered with a Caribbean accent. With a request to focus on my neck, shoulders, and upper back, Anthony went to work with his magical hands. The fifty minutes flew by faster than usual, and the stress from a week’s work was gone.

The sun had set by the time the three of us were finished with our treatments. Dinner awaited us back at the Diplomat. With a quick shower and change of clothes, Mr. O escorted us downstairs to Hollywood Prime. Given a Four-Diamond rating by AAA, I knew I was in for  a special meal. We were led through the bar by the hostess into the long, narrow dining room. Like all the best American steak houses, Hollywood Prime featured dark wood, rich tones, and plush fabrics.

Miami Drinks

We were greeted by one of the hand-full of people who would serve us that night. Lychee martinis were ordered to start and an inch-thick wine list was left for review. With over 600 wines available, Hollywood Prime was awarded Wine Spectator’s 2011 Best of Award of Excellence. It wasn’t long before the sommelier, Laura, arrived to answer questions. I inexplicably trust Mr. O with any wine decisions, but this night he left it to Laura to choose. After narrowing down the choices by color (red, of course), Mrs. O mentioned she might like a Zin. Apparently that was the magic word our sommelier wanted to hear. She departed as quickly as she’d arrived, but this time with a slight spring in her step.

A few minutes later, Laura emerged with a dusty bottle of wine and a gorgeous Riedel decanter. She was excited to present this 2001 Alder Brook Zinfadel from Dry Creek Valley in Northern California to us. And after the decanting show she put on, we were just as thrilled to try it. Mr. O got the first taste. The look on his face said it all. Delicious. Much to his dismay, glasses were then filled for the rest of the table. I think the meal could have ended with the wine and Mr. O would have been satisfied.

Appetizers of oysters on the half shell and a seafood trio were brought to the table with a variety of sauces. Half of a lobster tail, crab claws, and a jumbo shrimp looked as if they were begging for me to eat them. After a squeeze of lemon, I happily obliged. Spectacular would be an understatement in describing the taste.

Miami 12

In looking at the menu at the main course options, beef dominated. This Texas girl couldn’t have been happier. With 21-day, dry aged beef, I was pretty sure we could close our eyes and point at something and be happy. We decided on the Kobe-style beef, prime striploin, and the rack of lamb for the table to share.

Miami 9

Miami 10

Convinced that Americans serve up the best spuds, Mrs. O was adamant that we order the white cheddar mashed potatoes. Rounding out our family-style sides, Mr. O and I chose the roasted mushrooms and jumbo green and white asparagus with hollandaise.

Miami 8

There was easily enough food for three more people, but we tried our best to make it all disappear. The Kobe-style beef was the unanimous choice for best in show. The bite-sized cubes of beef packed a powerful punch. The seasoning combined with the choice cut of meat left us awe struck.

Miami 7

I’ve always been a big fan of lamb and found myself in heaven last year while in New Zealand. I’ve ordered it several times since returning, but have yet to find anything that compares, that is until Hollywood Prime’s version. Cooked medium rare with a Parmesan crust, this lamb sat in it’s own au jus. No mint sauce was needed as it was perfect on its own.

The sides were certainly tasty, but let’s be serious. The real star was the meat. With the lychee martinis guzzled, the wine gone, and the three of us drunk on protein, you’d think we’d call it a night. Gluttons for punishment, we asked for the dessert and after-dinner drink menus. Without hesitation, we ordered more wine, espresso, a French press pot of coffee, creme brulee, and Key lime pie. After all, who can visit Southern Florida and not order Key lime pie?

Miami Dessert

After nearly three hours at the table, I was exhausted and we were all completely satisfied. There was nothing more we could possibly want. Served a spectacular wine, the freshest seafood, the choicest cuts of meat, and the tastiest desserts, Hollywood Prime left little doubt in my mind that it more than deserved its AAA Four-Diamond rating.

Having only been in Miami a mere eight hours, I felt as if my weekend was already made. Everything else would simply be icing on the cake. The next thirty-six hours had a lot to live up to, and I was eager to give Miami the chance to try.

The massage and massive meal were both compliments of the Westin Diplomat. I was in no way swayed by the tender touch of Anthony or meat orgy at Hollywood Prime to write a favorable review. As always, these opinions are my own.

Leah Walker

Leah's a luxury travel and food writer who has as many stories as she does shoes. She documents her experiences whether that's in the lap of luxury or riding through a swamp in an airboat. Leah freelances and has contributor/editor roles with The Daily Meal, USA Today 10 Best, Bonjour Paris, France Today, Luxe Beat Magazine, Four Seasons Magazine, Forbes Travel Guide, and is a travel and wine ambassador for Atout France USA. Leah's lived in Paris for three years, and was recently awarded another four with a Passeport Talent visa renewal. Though, her talent for speaking French is abysmal.


    1. Settle down, Lola. This was just the first eight hours. The rest was one wild ride. And, I’ve got until March to prepare for the Massachusetts invades Miami trip, right?

    1. I’m still thinking about that Kobe-style beef. I can taste it right now. And that wine? I haven’t had anything that even compares since. Fabulous!

  1. Wow! The last time I want to Miami it was terrible – now THIS is the way to see Miami. I’d reconsider with this kind of treatment. 🙂

    1. When one goes somewhere with Mrs. O, one can expect a time such as this. 🙂 Yeah, it certainly beats the hell out of fighting the nastiness of South Beach. Yuck!

  2. SO cool! Miami is the perfect girlfriend getaway, I’ve been there with a gf once too. For some reason beach time and massages afterward just go hand in hand, don’t they? … Lovely to see you two got to travel again together!

    1. Mrs. O and I are starting to make a habit out of traveling together, aren’t we? Yes, beach and massage go together like strawberries and chocolate. 🙂

  3. Wow, I’d do Miami like that ANY day but… I have to tell you that you need ANOTHER visit to Miami, my birthtown, to experience the awesome Cuban food and its unique atmosphere.

  4. LOBSTER??! Umm.. Mrs. O.. I wouldn’t mind accompanying you on any trip. Keep me in mind next time, k? Sounds like a great 8 hours in Miami, Leah.

    1. I’m still dreaming about the beef. The lobster was pretty good, too. Although, to be honest I loved the crab claws more. We’ll dine well in Prague. How about that?

  5. ooooh leah, what a true friend you are- coming to mrs o’s rescue. that dinner looks AH-MAZING. can we join next time??

    1. I am, indeed, a true friend. I’m available for hire on any luxe vacations you may have coming up…ahem…Switzerland!?!

    1. It’s pretty swanky, DJ. Even you’d be impressed. Oh, and big mistake on skipping Hollywood Prime. HUGE! Don’t beat yourself up though. Just go and tell them that Mrs O and I sent you. 🙂

    1. I was a little frightened of that view, too. However, I just didn’t look down after that one time. The food was better than it looked. I wished I’d brought my DSLR, but the iPhone had to suffice. Thanks!

  6. What a beautiful hotel! I spend a lot of time staying in Westins (it’s definitely my preferred SPG property) and I have to say I’ve never stayed in one that looked that nice. I’m jealous…I need to convince work to send me to Miami, someway, somehow.

    1. I’m starting to love Westin properties thanks to Mrs. O. It’s actually a classic hotel with a lot of history and has been refurbished a few years back. It’s definitely a great place to stay.

  7. Too bad you gals only had 8 hours. Next time go 20 min south and you’ll hit Miami – try to hit Purdy Ave. In SoBe for the best local hangouts, Ritz in Key Buscayne, Michael’s Geniune in the design district…. Too much to do and eat. And please go to a Heat game! The westin is gorgeous, but have a drink at the Raleigh or W in SoBe. And have Lola bring that boa 😉

    1. Oh, we had the whole weekend. I was just writing about the first eight hours. We made it down t Miami and did South Beach. We had dinner with friends and then went to the SLS for drinks after. Lola and I do have plans for Miami in March. I’m confident that the boa will be there. 🙂

  8. Sounds like a decadent trip to Miami…I can almost hear the waves on the beach…they are certainly calling my name! Have a great time in March…I am sure it will be memorable.

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