Graffiti Equals Art in Rio

Graffiti Equals Art in Rio

In a place where beach sidewalks are visual feasts, it’s no wonder that art abounds on every blank spot in Rio.

Rio Graffiti9

If you consider graffiti a form of art.

Rio Graffiti1

 I’m not accustomed to seeing spray painted art.

Rio Graffiti5

Houston graffiti is removed as quickly as it’s put up.

Rio Graffiti11

Do I like it?

Rio Graffiti15

In a word: Yes.

Rio Graffiti7

It simply fits in Rio.

Rio Graffiti6

Graffiti gives a glimpse into the Brazilian culture.

Rio Graffiti16


Rio Graffiti4


Rio Graffiti14


Rio Graffiti3


Rio Graffiti10

Vibrant colors and creative design leap off the walls.

Rio Graffiti8

In Rio, art is in the hand of the spray paint holder.

Sit back and stay awhile