West Texas Holiday

West Texas Holiday

SIX HUNDRED AND SIXTY-FOUR MILES. That’s how far it is from our home in Houston to my husband’s hometown of Fort Davis, Texas. You could drive from Portland, Maine to Richmond, Virginia, passing through nine states and the District of Columbia, and still not drive as far as I will this Christmas.

As Texans, we like to think that we live in the center of the universe and everyone knows everything about our great state. Most people know about Houston, Austin, Dallas, and San Antonio, but few have a clue about the part of Texas that exists west of all those awesome cities. Texas is a huge place. In fact, it’s over 800 miles from east to west and about 900 miles from north to south; that’s a lot of ground to cover. Can you believe that many Texans have never even been to West Texas? To them I say, Y’ALL ARE MISSING OUT!

For those of you who didn’t grow up taking Texas History in the eighth grade (and those who have forgotten), here’s a crude map of where West and Far West Texas are:

West Texas Map

Pretty simple, no? I don’t know all the smarty-pants geographic differences between West Texas and Far West Texas; I just know what I’ve seen. Basically, the area between the white line and the yellow line consists of plains and some rolling hills, while Far West Texas is mountainous.  Er mountainous?

Yes, folks, Texas has mountains!

Blue Mountain, Fort Davis, TexasThis is on top of Blue Mountain, located near Fort Davis, looking towards Marfa. Fort Davis sits at an elevation of 5,050 feet, and is in the middle of the Davis Mountains.


I’ll be spending my Christmas in the mountains of Texas. Fort Davis may be 664 miles from Houston, but getting there is worth every gas stop and bathroom break…and the scenery along the way is pretty spectacular too!

i vote for christmas lights year roundCredit

Merry Christmas from Fort Davis, located in the Davis Mountains of Far West Texas, where Uncle Buck’s is the only liquor store in town. And if you’re not in the door by 8:58 pm, you’re screwed.

Check back in the next week or two for posts about West Texas, Fort Davis, and Marfa (and not the fancy-schmancy version of Marfa that west coast types and Yankees have helped make…I’m talking old-school, Texas-style Marfa).

Read more about the part of West Texas I grew up here.


Sit back and stay awhile