Capture the Color

Capture the Color

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“Buying a Nikon doesn’t make you a photographer. It makes you a Nikon owner.” 

I got a chuckle out of this anonymous quote when I ran across it a few months ago. I’d just bought my first DSLR, and it happened to be a Nikon. I had no illusions that the multiple lenses or aperture and ISO settings would automatically make me a photographer. I have friends who have studied the art of photography for years, and I would never insult their talent, knowledge, and ability by calling myself one.

I’m learning, but have a long way to go before I would even consider using the “P” word to describe myself. For right now, I’m one who takes pictures. Lots of them. My strategy is to take a whole bunch because there’s likely to be one good one. I know I’m no Ken Kaminesky or Trey Ratcliff, and I’ll probably never be. However, Henri Cartier-Bresson said, “Your first 10,000 photographs are your worst.” I figure that if that’s true, I should be getting really close to taking better photos.

Erin from The World Wanderer tagged me in the “Capture the Color” blogger game. The object is to publish a post with a photo that captures the following five colors: blue, green, yellow, white, and red. So, as one who takes pictures, I’m throwing my photos out there.


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Traffic in Rio de Janeiro was crazier than usual during Carnival this year. As we crept closer to Lablon Beach, I noticed some fantastic art covering the retaining walls below one of Rio’s famous favellas. Certainly a symbol of the city, this spray-painted version of Christ the Redeemer caught my eye.


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In November of 2011, I explored New Zealand and particularly fell in love with the South Island. The beginning of spring brought rain and green grass to the northern part of the West Coast. I lost count of how many times I stopped to photograph something beautiful, and I’m not sure what caused me to pull over for this picture. Being from Texas, I know it wasn’t the cattle, but that was the take-a-way. The look on the calf’s face is priceless.


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I could have chosen something for each of the color categories from my five hundred photos from Sambadrome. This photo was from the first of five parades performing that evening. Although I had read all about the pageantry of Rio’s Carnival parades, I still wasn’t prepared. This is certainly something one must see to believe. Color literarily came alive right before my eyes. It is the most visually stimulating experience I’ve ever had.


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The mountains of West Texas are an extreme place. Summers bring little rain and triple-digit temperatures. Winter is often bitterly cold. The winds seem to never get tired of blowing. Christmas Eve of 2011, I visited my husband’s family in Ft. Davis. Roads were icy and snow covered the ground. Winds howled, and the sun hadn’t been seen in days. In short, it was the kind of Christmas I love. I took this photo at the end of my mother-in-law’s dirt road. It personifies the Davis Mountains and West Texas to me.


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My first two nights in New Zealand’s South Island were spent in a cottage near Blenheim right in the middle of a field of grapes. The rolling landscape of the Marlborough Region stood in the distance, and a giant walnut tree was a stone’s throw away. The owner of my cottage pointed out a cherry orchard a short, ten-minute walk through the vines and invited me to help myself. The next morning I walked down to the orchard, bag in hand, and filled it up with the most beautiful and sweet cherries I’d tasted. I sat on my front porch and drank wine and ate cherries for breakfast.

Just as I was nominated, it’s now time for me to nominate others:


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