Yo-Yo-Yo! Find Out When I’m Going with Oh

Yo-Yo-Yo! Find Out When I’m Going with Oh

It’s been a week since I was announced as Go with Oh’s guest blogger and the winner of a month’s accommodation in Europe. I’ve come down from cloud nine, and am currently residing on cloud eight. I’ve got a lot of planning and researching to do between now and the time that I leave, but that’s one of my favorite parts of traveling.

And when is it that I’m leaving, you ask? Since I’m not some superstar travel blogger that lives off the keystrokes on my Website, I have to consider my full-time job, especially since I really like it and would like to keep it. I get two and a half days off for Thanksgiving, so I’ve chosen to build my trip around those dates.

Thus, I’m going to Go with Oh in November!

Duomo in Snow

Florence and the Duomo in the winter (credit)

Yeah, yeah, yeah…I know it’s going to be cold. But the truth is, I really miss winter. Living in Houston, I get to break out my J. Crew wool pea coat about three times a year, if I’m lucky. I’ve got wool sweaters that are begging to be worn. And my collection of scarves, gloves, and knit hats are threatening to run away in protest. Plus, think of the red wine and delicious coffees I will get to drink to warm me up.

Ok, so now you know when I’m going. Now the question is where am I going? Here’s the dealio. Y’all know I’m going to Florence, but I also get to go to three other cities. Don’t think I’m just going to give all the juicy details at once. Nope!  I’ll announce a city on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday of next week. You’ll have to check back.

Here are my Open House Group choices: Rome, Prague, Berlin, London, Paris, Dublin, Vienna, Barcelona, and Venice. Which other three will I visit in addition to Florence? Which would you choose?

I got a BIG surprise Thursday night from lyricist, poet, and emcee, Lyric Michelle. The beautiful and amazingly talented Michelle wanted to show me some Go with Oh support in the form of a rap. A RAP! I’m blown away. It just might be the second coolest thing that’s happened to me. Check it out.

For more from Lyric Michelle, check out her Website where you can listen to her album, As if I was a Child. Also find her on Facebook and Twitter.

Thank you, Michelle! And y’all make sure to check back on Monday when I’ll reveal my first city.


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