July 5, 2012
A Brush with Fame: BBC & My Cruise Contempt premium
“I’m a producer at BBC World Service radio, based in London (though we broadcast across the globe, including on several hundred NPR stations in the US). I’m hoping to track you down asap, because we’re lining up a discussion on our show tomorrow morning about cruises. In short, P&O (one of the world’s oldest cruise liner companies) […]
I Hate Cruises premium
I’m sure the title is going to cause a whole legion of cruise connoisseurs to take up arms against me, but that’s ok. I’ve taken exactly two cruises in my lifetime, not counting cruises to Alcatraz or Milford Sound. No, I’m talking about real cruises with shows, buffets, and bingo. I went exactly thirty five […]
January 2, 2012
Cozumel: A Minute in Mexico premium
Living in Texas, I’ve had many opportunities to walk across the border and explore Mexico. Hopping on a plane and heading to Puerto Vallarta and Acapulco is relatively inexpensive from Houston. Due to border safety concerns, my shopping trips to Nuevo Laredo and Acuña have stopped. Trips to the interior of Mexico have been delayed […]

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