Fort Davis Texas

January 23, 2014
One Photo–Six Ways: Mobile App Editing Tips from Top Instagramers premium
Encountering someone who doesn’t have a smartphone is like seeing hyenas lounging with antelope–shocking and disconcerting. My dad, who is in his 70s, has an iPhone AND an Instagram account. He’s not alone. In 2014, it is projected that there will be 1.75 billion smartphone users, which surely will raise the Instagram account tally, currently […]
August 16, 2012
It’s my Birthday and I’ll Write What I Want to premium
In the words of 1990s rap sensation, DJ KOOL, “Let me clear my throat.”
March 19, 2012
Fort Davis: Watching over the West premium
I guess you’d say that Fort Davis, Texas is my adopted hometown. I first visited the small, West Texas town when I was eight, but have been back countless other times. It’s a visually-spectacular place filled with special people. The trendy place is Marfa, a thirty minute drive to the southwest. But Fort Davis is […]
January 6, 2012
Old-School Marfa premium
If you’re looking for a piece about how cool and hip Marfa, Texas is then you’ll be disappointed with this read.

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