March 7, 2018
A Dozen Photos that’ll Make you Want to Visit Marrakesh premium
I’m from Texas and know heat, but I might have gotten a little soft living in France. After all, 90 degrees is considered a heatwave in Paris. Walking through the medina, the sun beat down through the hazy air. Heat radiated from the pavement, searing my legs. August is not the ideal time to visit […]
5 Favorite Tropical Places to Beat the Summer Heat premium
Until the past two weeks, I didn’t understand how truly unbearable Paris is in the summer heat. With unseasonably warm temperatures terrorizing the city, the massive amount of stone and concrete turned Paris into an oven. As a Texas girl, I’m accustomed to crazy heat and humidity, but there is a huge difference between living […]
January 25, 2017
Travel in Tanzania: Reflections of a Serengeti Safari premium
In 2016, I finally stepped foot in Africa, a continent that has long ignited my imagination. And although my Tanzania trip didn’t go off as planned, my time spent in the Serengeti set the bar incredibly high for all other travel experiences. It’s been nearly six months since I’ve returned home to Paris, but my […]
December 26, 2016
So, this is what I really did during my trip to Cairo premium
I don’t normally announce my travel plans prior to a trip. I’m a person who doesn’t hold her breath until things actually happen. Not only does it save myself disappointment, but also keeps me from having to explain why something didn’t work out as expected. So, when I popped up on Facebook Live on November […]
July 25, 2016
Should I Stay or Should I Go: A Trip of a Lifetime Update premium
Sometimes even the best-laid plans go array, especially when it comes to travel. Since December, I’ve eagerly awaited the time when I could announce where I’d take my niece for her 18th birthday.

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