Five Great Getaways within Three Hours of Paris premium
One of the many fabulous things about Paris is its central location, multiple airports, excellent connections, and exceptional train system. Compared to the USA, it’s relatively easy to hop a train or plane and be in a completely different culture and country. Another thing I love about France is its diversity. Within a couple of […]
September 1, 2015
48 Hours in Brussels premium
Brussels is one European capital that has flown under my radar. Despite its status as the Capital of Europe, Brussels is unassuming. It’s not one of those cities that rolls off the tongues of tourists as their dream destination, but make no mistake, it’s worth visiting. However, be warned: 48 hours in Brussels might not […]
July 13, 2015
Belgium by Train: Riding the Rails in Europe premium
Imagine you have a week-long trip. The starting point is Paris, and you’re armed with a first class Eurail Global Pass. With 28 European countries at your fingertips, where do you go? Perhaps it’s a different country each day, riding the rails and watching the continent pass by. Maybe it’s a tour through the Alpine […]

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