Czech Republic

Taste in Travel: Understanding Cultures through Food premium
The number of times I’ve been asked how I became a culinary {and travel} writer is too many to count. Frankly, I’m not exactly sure how to answer. Eating is an essential part of life, and I appreciate good food, whether it’s chicken and rice served from a Singaporean hawker stand or a perfect French […]
June 19, 2013
Prague’s Perfection & Plotting my Return premium
Prague, the capital of the Czech Republic, is famous for its rich history and was one of my very favorite stops on my fall Euro tour. I’ll be in Europe in July, and I’m plotting a summer return to the City of Spires. Even though I only spent three short nights in Prague, I’m convinced […]
April 16, 2013
Creative Cocktails at Prague’s Black Angel’s Bar premium
Prague’s Black Angel’s Bar is easy to miss, which is exactly how it was designed.
3 Famous Things I Didn’t See in Europe {and What I Did Instead} premium
Traveling is all about seeing stuff, right? I used to think so, but now I’m not so sure. For each city I had a punch card listing the places I had to see, but as the days passed, I realized that I wasn’t actually checking those items off.
November 23, 2012
Five Most Romantic Winter Spots in Prague premium
I’ve never been one of those girls that swoons at the thought of romantic gestures and dreams of being swept off her feet by a prince. That’s just not who I am. However, I could see how Prague would evoke romance in those without such a blackened heart. Prague might not be the first place that […]
Three Things I’ll Miss about Prague premium
I normally research a place to death prior to visiting, but I made it a point not to do that with Prague. In fact, I pretty much went into it blindly. Of course there were a few things I already knew about the City of Spires, but for the most part I was ignorant. As […]

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