Back to School: Learning the Art of French Cooking in the South of France premium
In France, food is more than fuel. As the great Julia Child said, “…cooking is a serious art form and a national sport.” In fact, like the Olympics, the titles of Meilleurs Ouvriers de France {MOF for short} are handed out every four years to the country’s best pâtissiers, chocolatiers, bakers, cheese and fishmongers, and […]
6 Places to Visit in Provence premium
French writer, Yvan Audouard, once quipped, “In Provence, the sun rises twice a day–once in the morning and once after nap time.” Indeed, the pace in Provence is a bit slower than Paris. That’s one of the reasons why this French region is one of the places I love escaping to most.
February 23, 2016
5 Things to know about Rosé Wine in Provence premium
Oh, Provence. That dreamy place in France not called Paris. Provence is probably the place you envision when imagining the French countryside. Surely you know this picturesque region: lavender fields, the French Riviera, olive trees, Cézanne, and of course, wine–specifically rosé wine.
Franco-Files: France’s Best Travel Addresses {1st ed.} premium
If I’ve learned one thing from nearly a year of living in Paris, it’s that I will never truly discover all of what France has to offer. The variety of cheeses alone is enough to overwhelm the most devout turophile. A dense history, regional nuances, complicated AOC {appellation d’origine controlee} regulations, traditions, the language, and […]
48 Hours in Nice, France premium
Mention the French Riviera and visions come to mind of the jet set from Europe lavishly enjoying the turquoise waters of the Mediterranean. Yes, the Côte d’Azur exudes its fair-share of glamour, but it’s much more than Champagne and yachts, particularly the city of Nice.
Top French Cities Seen through Instagram’s Square premium
In April I could be found just about everywhere in France other than Paris. The first week was spent on a Viking River Cruise through southern France, while the rest of the month, I was hopping around to some of the country’s top cities.

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