June 24, 2018
36-Hours in the Eternal City: There’s No Place Like Rome premium
To step foot into Rome is to experience a history that dates back 700 years before Christ. It literally is older than Jesus. The Eternal City is deeply rooted in its past which has inspired sayings and artists alike. Michelangelo and Da Vinci defined the Italian Renaissance with their art. Augustus and Julius Caesar developed […]
July 13, 2016
Travel to Marche, Tuscany’s Lesser-Known Neighbor premium
When it comes to Italy, the more I see, the less I know. Even with a handful of visits, which includes a week-long road trip last summer literally around the country, I realize that I’ve only taken a nibble from delicious Italy. Even those without a passport have heard of Rome and Florence, but Italy […]
6 Small Towns that should be on Your European Itinerary premium
European capitals are among my favorite cities in the world. Paris, Vienna, Prague, Rome, Budapest, and Dublin offer travelers big bang for their bucks. For those who have limited time and/or resources, hitting the main European capital cities easily checks all the boxes when it comes to history, food, culture, shopping, and the quintessential tourist […]
8 Instagram Photos {and their backstories} from April 2016 premium
As a daily user of Snapchat, I’ve come to love this social media channel. It’s unfiltered, spontaneous, and silly. In short, Snapchat is fun. It’s given me an outlet to show a real glimpse of my daily life in Paris and beyond. For those who have been following me on Facebook, Twitter, this site, and […]
Taste in Travel: Understanding Cultures through Food premium
The number of times I’ve been asked how I became a culinary {and travel} writer is too many to count. Frankly, I’m not exactly sure how to answer. Eating is an essential part of life, and I appreciate good food, whether it’s chicken and rice served from a Singaporean hawker stand or a perfect French […]
Visit these 3 Places in Italy before they’re Ruined by Tour Groups premium
Italy is that wild and crazy friend we all have. She’s intoxicating, and I’m drawn to her like a fine Barolo wine. She’s boisterous, colorful, and invigorating. She envelops all that she encounters, shaking up our worlds like welcomed whirlwinds. Having her in our lives produces a high that no drug could duplicate. And when […]

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