August 6, 2018
Travel in Switzerland: Things to do in Lausanne premium
Lausanne is often overlooked when talking about Switzerland’s most prominent tourism hubs, but over time this had an unexpected upside. The city became something of an acquired taste, a mélange of cultural influences that Switzerland is famous for, and a distinctly local identity that makes it quintessentially Swiss. Believe it or not, there are plenty […]
6 Small Towns that should be on Your European Itinerary premium
European capitals are among my favorite cities in the world. Paris, Vienna, Prague, Rome, Budapest, and Dublin offer travelers big bang for their bucks. For those who have limited time and/or resources, hitting the main European capital cities easily checks all the boxes when it comes to history, food, culture, shopping, and the quintessential tourist […]
February 3, 2013
At Verbier St-Bernard, My Swiss Dreams Come True premium
Entry into Switzerland was a less than an auspicious occasion. In an Ambien cloud, I muddled my way through customs where I received my prized Swiss stamp. My wherewithal was definitely screwed up, so I simply followed the crowd to baggage claim.
October 14, 2012
Serendipity and Skiing in Switzerland premium
I grew up skiing the mountains of New Mexico and Colorado. Being raised in the Panhandle of Texas, I was within four hours of the nearest ski resort. Considering I was ten hours from the nearest beach, trips to the mountains were the norm. Spring breaks were spent on the slopes, and some of my […]

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