Las Vegas

November 16, 2017
Fueling Travel Dreams in Las Vegas (Plus a CRAZY Hotel Sale) premium
Flipping through my recently expired passport, I became nostalgic for my last ten years of travel. Stamps and visas opened the memory floodgates to the five continents and countless countries I’d visited. It was like I was looking through a vintage View-Master toy. However, there was no stamp for the place that most foreshadowed my […]
March 25, 2013
3 Awesome things to do in Vegas besides Gamble premium
I’ve confessed my love for Las Vegas and sing its praises every chance I get. Given my recent devotion to all things Europe, this proclamation is often met with a look of surprise and a head shake. While I admit I haven’t given Sin City the love it deserves recently, I still am one of […]
February 21, 2013
Downtown Vegas: Old School Sexy premium
There is no doubt that the Las Vegas strip is appealing in a French-speaking-Bradley-Cooper-sort-of-way. Its lights are beautiful, over-the-top, and beg to be ogled over. It’s easy to love the Strip’s grand architecture and mind-boggling creativity. Yep, Bradley Cooper the Strip is sexy.
My Biggest Travel Mistake: Stupidity Runs Amok premium
I like to think that I have above-average intelligence, that I make smart decisions, and generally have my wits about me, especially in terms of travel.
August 27, 2012
Three Reasons Why I Love Las Vegas premium
Want to know my dirty little secret?
October 23, 2011
11 Don’ts of Playing Blackjack in Vegas premium
Thirty-seven million people visited Las Vegas in 2010, and I just have to wonder if they counted me four times. That’s right. I went to Vegas four times in 2010 and three times in 2011. Sadly, in 2012 I didn’t step foot in Clark County once. I’m a Vegas junkie; I was hooked after my […]

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