New Zealand

December 3, 2011
Queenstown in the Rearview Mirror premium
Saddened by Queenstown in our rearview mirror, we were not really excited about going to Mt. Cook. We passed the Karawau Bungy, and drove through the wine and fruit region of Cromwell. There was a tug at our heartstrings. Not only had we fallen in love with Queenstown, but we made some wonderful friends.
November 30, 2011
Adventures in (Almost) Bungy Jumping premium
My shins were uncomfortable from the equipment pressing so tightly, but that’s what you want when bungy jumping. Tightness. The harness around my waist was secure and ran the length of my legs, connecting it to my ankle restraints. I walked like a penguin closer to the edge; it was difficult to move at all. […]
Out a Window or in a Mirror? premium
Both for the few adventuring travelers who still exist and for the larger number of travelers-turned-tourists, voyaging becomes a pseudo-event. . . . Planned tours, attractions, fairs, expositions ‘especially for tourists,’ and all their prefabricated adventures can be persuasively advertised in advance. They can be made convenient, comfortable, risk-free, trouble-free, as spontaneous travel never was […]

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