South America

A Practical Guide to Visiting Rio de Janeiro premium
I’ve written “Your Guide to the Rio World Cup” for Forbes, so if you’re looking for a basic guide to visiting Rio de Janeiro then check that out. This, however, is not that kind of guide.
The Dogs of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil premium
I realize many of you are clamoring for the a post featuring the beautiful people of Rio. After all, in Brazil there’s a leggy, svelte supermodel on every corner, and every man is a perfectly chiseled Adonis. Although that stereotype isn’t exactly true, I am surrounded by beauty, both in Rio’s landscape, people, and dogs.
Initial Thoughts on Life in Rio de Janeiro premium
With my first week living in Brazil in the books, I’ve gotten somewhat settled into my new, albeit, temporary apartment in Rio. Acclimation to my Ipanema neighborhood has come a lot quicker than my Portuguese. Learning the language will be the most difficult part about this move, especially since I won’t consistently be in the […]
Highs and Lows in Rio premium
It was a hot day in Rio, and the beaches were filled with scantily-clad women and men in their sungas. I, along with the friends I was visiting in Rio, weren’t on the beach. Instead, we were in a car climbing up the coastal mountains and snaking through one of Rio’s most affluent neighborhoods. I […]
Rio’s Hippie Fair premium
After a Saturday night of bloco parties and general Carnival craziness, I was happy to have a leisurely Sunday morning in Rio. A late breakfast at Gringo Cafe and some shopping was just what I needed. Besides, I had a huge Sunday night planned at the Sambadrome. My friend and hostess, Xochitl, suggested we visit […]
Graffiti Equals Art in Rio premium
In a place where beach sidewalks are visual feasts, it’s no wonder that art abounds on every blank spot in Rio.

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