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February 23, 2016
5 Things to know about Rosé Wine in Provence premium
Oh, Provence. That dreamy place in France not called Paris. Provence is probably the place you envision when imagining the French countryside. Surely you know this picturesque region: lavender fields, the French Riviera, olive trees, Cézanne, and of course, wine–specifically rosé wine.
3 Things to Know about Cognac {the Spirit, not the French Region} premium
I must admit that when Atout France asked me to cover the Cognac region for their #FranceWineTravels campaign, visions of old men smoking cigars and Busta Rhymes immediately came to mind. But after thinking about the trip for about fifteen seconds, I realized that I knew absolutely nothing about Cognac. I couldn’t even recall tasting […]
Wine Tasting in Buenos Aires premium
In deciding to visit Buenos Aires, there were two things I knew I must do: eat steak and drink wine. There was no sense in wasting time, and within hours of landing, I’d indulged in a massive slab of medium rare beef and found myself in the Palermo Soho loft of Anuva Wine for a […]
10 of the Best Dishes I Ate in France {During July} premium
It’s safe to say that I eat significantly better when I’m traveling than when I’m left to my own devices. I’ve been known to eat cereal for dinner, tortillas for breakfast, and oatmeal with blueberries at least 32 days in a row simply because I can’t be bothered to think of anything else to eat. […]
A Flavorful Food Tour of Buenos Aires premium
When I booked my flight from Rio to Buenos Aries I began to salivate. No, I wasn’t thinking of the divine shopping opportunities combined with the favorable dollar versus peso exchange rate. Instead, visions of steak, empanadas, and malbec flashed through my food-obsessed mind.
French Lesson: A Study of Wine & Cheese in Paris premium
I love cheese. I also love wine. I particularly love cheese with wine. Preferably in France…with a baguette…sitting at a café…inhaling second-hand smoke. The mere thought of creamy, full-fat, non-pasteurized cheese makes this turophile’s mouth water. And the wine, oh the wine! I’m convinced that everything just tastes better in France.

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