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My 8 Favorite Hotel Rooms from the Americas {thus far} premium
A few months ago, I revealed my 20 favorite European hotel rooms. In that post, I estimated that in the last four years I’ve slept in over 150 different luxury hotels and experienced well over 300 in the form of spa treatments, dining, drinking, and touring. Don’t believe me? I’ve got a big box full […]
February 10, 2016
My 20 Favorite European Hotel Rooms {thus far} premium
Since I started this site in the fall of 2011, I’ve traveled to many incredible places and am slowly marking items off my 100+ item to do list. Throughout this time, I’ve fallen in love with hotels. In fact, this has become one of my favorite aspects of travel. It’s not just the perfectly made […]
Four Thoughtful Things all Luxury Hotels Should Offer premium
As my roster of five-star hotels grows, I find myself increasingly more persnickety. I think this is perfectly normal considering the more we experience, whether it be food, fashion, wine, airlines, or something as simple as cable service, the more selective we become. Though, I do feel like I’ve been ruined a bit.

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