World of Color

A World of Color: Paris’ Montmartre in Green premium
It would be a gross understatement to say that Paris calls to me. Rather, I am Odysseus entranced by the sweet song of the seductive Sirens. The distinctive melody of French police cars and screeching subway brakes are music to my ears. Combine those sounds with the flicks of cigarette lighters, the hum of Vespas, […]
A World of Color: Austria in White premium
My recent two-week tour of Austria with Best of the Alps and the Austrian Tourism Board began in the awe-inspiring Alps and moved on to three spectacular cities. From west to east, I thoroughly enjoyed some of the best vistas, culture, history, food, wine, and people that Austria has to offer. This was easily one […]
January 12, 2014
A World of Color: Malaysia in Gold premium
Given its location near the equator, Malaysia is tropical, humid, and warm. As a result of its geography, the country is filled with a variety of vivid hues. Rubber plantations, palm trees, and assorted tropical foliage provide a verdant backdrop, while pops of red and pink come from orchids and hibiscus. Between the sea, lakes, […]

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