Devour these 10 Classic French Christmas Foods

France is unlike any other country in the world, so it comes as no surprise that the French celebrate Christmas a bit differently too. Nativity scenes are loaded with unique characters, Santa is taller and thinner, and Boxing Day doesn’t exist. But perhaps the best of all French Christmas traditions is the classic French Christmas foods.

French Christmas Foods

The following are some of the most classic holiday eats from a country that has an insatiable hunger for fine foods. Even better, all of these items can be purchased at the Lafayette Gourmet, the 3,500-square-meter market occupying two stories of the eminent Galeries Lafayette department store. After all, visiting Galeries Lafayette during this season is an unofficial French holiday tradition too.

Classic French Christmas Foods Galeries Lafayette

Caviar {Petrossian}

Caviar and champagne is how many French holiday festivities begin. This dish of fish eggs, traditional served atop small buckwheat pancakes, or blinis, with a dollop of sour cream is often the first dish of many on Christmas Eve or Christmas day. Pick some up at Petrossian on the ground floor of Galeries Lafayette Gourmet.

10 Classic French Christmas Foods Black Truffles


The French countryside is one of the richest places to grow truffles, so it’s no surprise these delicacies make an appearance numerous times throughout holiday meals. Visit La Maison De La Truffe to introduce {or reintroduce} your taste buds to the flavors of black melanosporum truffle, truffled dill cream, specialty cheese with black truffle and more. Or, take a gourmet platter away to serve to your friends and family during the holidays.


No holiday table is complete without a bowl of garlic snails served with melted butter and parsley. Bags of frozen snails, ready to be prepared for Christmas meals, are found at the food market downstairs at the Lafayette Gourmet.

10 Classic French Christmas Foods foie gras

Foie Gras

A famed luxury food product, foie gras, is not for the squeamish. However, this holiday snack made from liver of goose or duck is a staple in many French homes during le Reveillon, the long, sumptuous Christmas Eve dinner. Foie gras pairs perfectly with a sweet Bonnezeaux wine.


Oysters may seem like a summer food in many parts of the world, but the French love seafood, particularly chilled raw oysters, as a Christmas appetizer. Pair it with a glass of Champagne.

Scallops {Saint-Jacques}

Labeled coquilles Saint-Jacques at French markets, scallops are another popular seafood starter for the elaborate Christmas Eve meal. Choose the live scallops at the Lafayette Gourmet and prepare them with one of many classic French recipes, like winter vegetables and cream sauce, and the coquilles Saint-Jacques will be your favorite dish of le Reveillon.

10 Classic French Christmas Foods Cheese


Wine and cheese may sound like the perfect precursor to Christmas dinner, but a French holiday meal more often ends with a platter of delicious sheep, goat or cow cheese and a glass of red wine. The best holiday cheeses, like Gruyere, chèvre, Comté, Brie, and Mont d’Or among others can be found at the Lafayette Gourmet.

Roasted Turkey with Chestnut Stuffing

Similar to many Christmas feasts around the world, French Christmas foods don’t skimp on the hearty meats and carbohydrates. A variety of meats can be served for the main dish of a Christmas meal, but the most popular is a full, roasted turkey filled with chestnut stuffing. There’s no better way to ensure you’ll sleep soundly after a long day of merriment.

Bûche de Noël

A day devouring French Christmas foods is never complete without the Buche de Noel dessert. This Swiss-style rolled cake is typically decorated to look like a Yule log, and depending on the baker, the toppings can be elaborate. Not much of a baker? Visit the Lafayette Gourmet to shop their selection of exclusive Christmas pastries for this season.

10 Classic French Christmas Foods Rare Champagne


The holiday season is arguably the best time of year to bring out the champagne, and La Cave, on the first floor of Lafayette gourmet, offers 450-square-metres of the best French and international wines and champagnes. Don’t worry if you’re not an expert, because seven vendor-sommeliers are on-site to help you choose the best champagne to compliment your favorite French Christmas foods. If you’re feeling super generous, buy a bottle of Rare Le Secret High Jewelry. With only ten bottles made, Rare is wrapped with a Mellerio ornament, complete with a one-carat diamond. It’ll set you back $170,000 and is only available at Galeries Lafayette.

Devour these 10 Classic French Christmas Foods by Leah Walker

This post was brought to you by Galeries Lafayette.

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