Extraordinary Experiences & Giveaway from Four Seasons
Leah Walker December 18, 2014

Novelist, Rodman Philbrick, wrote, “The only real treasure is in your head. Memories are better than diamonds and nobody can steal them from you.” As someone who has accumulated an abundance of material possessions, it’s taken decades to figure out that I just don’t need that much in order to be happy. Of course, old habits die hard. I still yearn for beautiful baubles, but at the end of the day, I appreciate experiences over something that can be worn around my neck.

Four Seasons Maldives

Without question, memories of family, friends, and travel are my greatest treasures. I’m not the only one of this opinion, which makes gift giving to people like me perplexing. So, what do you get for the person who doesn’t really want or need a thing? How about an extraordinary experience, one that begs to be relished and recounted for years?

Four Seasons Punta Mita

The fact that I regularly have extraordinary experiences is not lost on me. In reality, I’m often left shaking my head in amazement. Some of my most memorable experiences have been orchestrated by Four Seasons. The brand certainly has a knack for creating unforgettable memories for its guests, which makes the Four Seasons Gift Card perfect for even the most difficult person on your shopping list. Through their gift cards and Extraordinary Experiences, Four Seasons has made it easier to give the fortunate people on your list the gift of their dreams.

Four Seasons Gresham Palace

Foodies will no doubt love following three-star Michelin chef, Chan Yan Tak, on a culinary exploration of Hong Kong. What about stepping into the Las Vegas kitchen of James Beard Award-winning chef, Charlie Palmer, and dining on a customized five-course meal? Viva Las Vegas, indeed! Adventure awaits in Nevis where diving for spiny lobster with the chef is just the start of a remarkable evening. Give them the spotlight, along with a gourmet meal and private performance, on the stage of the Hungarian State Opera House in Budapest or the Estates Theatre in Prague. In Florence, Michelin-starred chef Vito Mollica creates a four-course meal served overlooking the Arno River on a private terrace on the Ponte Vecchio.

Four Seasons Buenos Aires

As a Texan, I can absolutely appreciate a great pair of custom-made boots, and they don’t get much better than Lucchese. In Austin, give the gift of a one-of-a-kind pair of boots designed in conjunction with the famed boot brand. In Buenos Aires, perfumer Julian Bedel, co-founder of the perfumery Fueguia 1833, helps guests create their own signature scent. I’ve visited his beautiful boutique and covet this experience.

Four Seasons Milan Ferrari

Adventure junkies will jump at the chance to drive a flame-red Ferrari from Milan through the Italian countryside. A weekend during the Singapore Grand Prix Formula One race features entrance to the opening-night party at the Paddock Club for the Grand Prix and a helicopter flight to Malaysia to drive a Formula One car. In the Maldives at Kuda Huraa, a seaplane surfing safari is the ultimate experience for the Kelley Slater in your life.

Four Seasons Langkawi

From private stargazing at London’s Canary Wharf to cruising through Langkawi’s mangroves to sitting mid-court in Houston with NBA legend, Hakeem “The Dream” Olajuwon, the Four Seasons has created a bounty of bespoke experiences that will create lasting memories for the people on your gift list. Of course, not every experience needs to be over-the-top extravagant. A much-needed massage, round of golf, or bottle of wine can be memorable as well. And with the Four Seasons Gift Card, you’ll determine the denomination and they pick the gift, taking the stress out of holiday gift giving.

Four Seasons Thailand

The adage goes that it’s better to give than receive. Thanks to Four Seasons, I’m giving you the chance to receive your own Exceptional Experience. Four Seasons is providing me with a $250 gift card that will go to one lucky winner. To enter, all you have to do is tell me in the comments below how you would use the Four Seasons Gift Card. Check out these Exceptional Experiences for inspiration. And for an additional entry, spread the word by tweeting about the give away.

Best of luck and happy holidays!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

The winner of the $250 gift card will be randomly selected and contacted via email. Upon receipt of address, the gift card will be mailed to the winner. The giveaway is only open to residents of the United States and Canada and ends on December 31, 2014.

This giveaway is provided by Four Seasons, but all opinions are mine. In addition, all photos are property of Four Seasons.

Leah Walker

Leah has a marketing management company specializing in strategy, content creation and implementation for luxury brands and destinations. She's also a luxury travel and food writer who has as many stories as she does shoes. Leah documents her experiences whether that's in the lap of luxury or riding through a swamp in an airboat. She sometimes freelances and has contributor/editor roles with The Daily Meal, USA Today 10 Best, Bonjour Paris, France Today, Luxe Beat Magazine, Four Seasons Magazine, Forbes Travel Guide, and is a travel and wine ambassador for Atout France USA. Leah's lived in Paris for four years, and was awarded additional time with a Passeport Talent visa renewal. Though, her talent for speaking French is abysmal.


  1. What an amazing giveaway! I’d use it in Montreal on my upcoming trip, to add a bit of luxury. Also just fyi – the Exceptional Experiences link didn’t work for me!

  2. Love this! I’d use it towards finally going on my honeymoon with my hubby 🙂 When we travel we usually stay in very basic and budget accommodations, instead spending our money on our experiences. It’d be nice to have a little bit of added comfort to our accommodations 🙂

  3. Wonderful! I would use the $250 Four Seasons gift card on my upcoming trip to Barcelona in April. Or maybe I would use it right here in Austin at the Four Seasons Spa 🙂

  4. hi Leah! Love your blog/FB page.

    If I won the gift card, I would use it to treat my niece in Seattle. My family lost my brother unexpectedly three and a half years ago and it’s still hard on us, especially this time of year.

    Even though we live in different cities (I’m in San Diego and she’s in Seattle), I try to ensure she knows how much she means to me! There is a FAB high tea there and then I’d do some girl time at the spa just the two of us. We will be visiting seattle soon and it would be SUCH an amazing surprise for her!!!

  5. Since I have plans of visiting Singapore this coming January with my girl friends, I’ll be taking them with me on a weekend staycation break (some of them are working in Singapore at the moment). I would love to spend the day just relaxing either on the spa or by indulging with afternoon tea and food tasting. Girl bonding for the win!

  6. This is awesome!! I am dying to go to London, specifically around the holidays to see the Christmas decorations!

  7. There are so many of these experiences that I would love to have, but I would use it for the Downton Abbey tour or the toasting wines in the historical wine cellar in Paris. I hope to get to Europe in June, so maybe I’ll be able to try their bespoke experiences!

  8. What a great gift opportunity! I would use it to pay for one of my 8 days rafting down the Colorado River in Grand Canyon!

  9. What a great giveaway! My husband and I are celebrating our 15th year anniversary in March. I would use this to stay in Seattle and celebrate our lives!

  10. Hi Leah. I would use the gift card to stay in one of the most wonderful cities in the world-New York City. I love to travel but I am a budget traveler so I have never stayed in a hotel that was more than 2 stars. I would really appreciate having such a luxurious experience. Merry Christmas!

  11. I would use it to escape the frigid Chicago Winter for a warm getaway so I can defrost and feel my toes again . Ha

  12. Four Seasons Boston on a snow day with the family. Ice skating on the Frog Pond. Snowman making in the Public Garden. Hot chocolate in the Bristol Lounge. I’m TOTALLY ready! 🙂

  13. I’d use it to visit the Four Seasons in Chicago. I grew up in Chicago and have always thought it to be a gorgeous hotel, but have never been lucky enough to stay there. The restaurant, Allium, looks terrific, too.

  14. I would use it to experience the luxury that is the beautiful Florence Italy Four Seasons! My boyfriend lives in Florence and I would love to be able to fly over from the states and surprise him!

  15. As much as I’m intrigued to take an exotic getaway, I think I’d rather enjoy all the Four Seasons amenities in “staycation” style at a hotel near home. With no pressure to explore or leave the hotel, it would be more relaxing to enjoy the service and amenities on site.

  16. The surf photo might be my favorite and reminds me I still need to get to Hawaii…. but if I can’t get there or out of the country to use the card… I’ll be heading to DC to partake in that private rye tasting at Mt Vernon… can’t think of a better way to finally get to Mt Vernon.

    Stay luxurious, Craig

  17. There are so many different experiences I would like to use the gift card on! But as our time in Italy quickly dwindles down, we’ve never gotten to drive a Ferrari and I’d use it to finally have that experience.

  18. My husband and I have never been on a honeymoon and we have been married for 7 1/2 years. Almost immediately after we were married, I was pregnant. Our lives have been consumed with him working and me taking care of our daughter. I would love to use the gift card to go on the honeymoon we have yet to have.

  19. I’m headed to Hong Kong and Singapore in late January so I would love to check out the extraordinary experiences in those cities! To quote Grease 2, “I’ll be your girl for [Four] Seasons….” 🙂 Thanks for making this contest available to us!

  20. What a wonderful gift and give away. I already live in paradise, but a nice R&R Staycation would do this Momma wonders. Living out in the middle of the Pacific is sometimes a little overwhelming. If I won I would for sure take the time to pamper myself. All work and no play isn’t fun at all. I am blessed no matter what, though a nice get away with out having to budget it in, would be grand! Happy Travels …
    🙂 my friend ..

  21. I’d have buffet or brunch there again. I had Christmas buffet once a few years ago with visiting family members so, I’d like to experience it again during this holiday season.

  22. Hello,

    I would use my gift card in mexico. I have been obsessed with south america for quite a while but have loved researching, pinning and creating travel mood boards for mexico. I am hoping to at least spend a month or two travelling the country next year and trying to immerse myself in the place, people and culture. I would use my card for an extraordinary foodie experience because i ADORE great mexican food and i have always loved the idea of immersing myself in different food rites of passage from food trucks to beautiful tasting menus to dinner parties and of course a local teaching you how to cook and inviting you into their home.

    Love and Gratitude.

  23. I would definitely use this to continue the Past Present Project! Probably in San Francisco where my grandfather took quite a few photos. 🙂

  24. I would use it for a weekend of rest and relaxation, a spa weekend. I don’t know where I would use it. The Four Seasons in Austin is an awesome place to stay!

  25. I would take my boyfriend there for a romantic getaway weekend. I don’t think he has ever been to a Four Seasons and I would love to surprise him. It’s been so hectic with the holidays – the traffic, the crowds we really need a little quiet tom to reconnect again.

  26. This would be very useful on our next family trip. Just need to decide on a destination! Thanks for the great giveaway.

  27. fantastic giveaway! I would use it to visit Four Seasons Golden Triangle on an upcoming Thailand visit. looks incredible!

  28. Oh fun!! My boyfriend and I are moving to South Korea in a couple months. I would use the gift card on one of our Asian adventures! I’m thinking Bangkok or Hong Kong! Thanks so much!!

  29. I have three kids: 9, 6, & 18mo. Although I am tempted to leave them w/hubby so I can get some writing time, I would use the gift card when I take them to one of the 7 wonders of the world. My parents took me to nearly all of the national parks in US & Canada before my mother & brother died of the same disease. I’m trying to continue the tradition with my kids plus the wonders of the world. Don’t know how to do this as a freelance writer but I’m trying because I want to anchor them to place, landscapes that can last beyond a lifetime just as my mom did for me.

  30. How lovely is this! I would definitely put this to good use by visiting the Atlanta location. I could use this and how awesome this would be as a treat!

  31. I’m hoping to head to South America next year, probably flying into Buenos Aires, so a stay at the 4S there would be a fabulous start to my trip!

  32. Awesome! Since ive been travelling, Id use it to spend some time with my family and celebrate my dad’s 80th birthday!

    It’s hard to make time extra special when on a budget but having help to relax and enjoy without the added financial worry woulf be such a nice thing!

  33. While my mind wanders at all the different possibilities around the world most likely I’d head to the 4 Seasons in DC for a weekend of pampering.

  34. What a difficult choice! Four Seasons are exceptional every where around the world! But I would probably use it in either Santa Barbara or Sedona >> two places semi-nearby I’d love to explore!

  35. Hmm, I’d probably use it on my next California trip. This would make that trip a lot more possible actually. 🙂 I keep reading about Four Seasons on your site and would like to experience the brand for myself. Cool giveaway!

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