4 Best Archipelagos: Islands that Make Outstanding Cruising Destinations

Sunbathing on the deck, deep diving into crystal clear waters, and enjoying the aquatic lifestyle are just a few highlights of a cruise to an island destination.

Islands have always enchanted travelers, explorers, and adventure-seekers. The archipelagos are considered desirable travel destinations scattered across oceanic spaces. What makes these archipelagoes unique are not just the breathtaking landscapes, endemic species and unique flora and fauna, but rather the endless possibilities of discovering new cultures, tasting mouthwatering cuisines, and learning more about the local history.

Whether you’re looking for a getaway to a peaceful and remote location or the ultimate adventure, we’ve got you covered. Here’s the list of the best islands you can visit on a cruise and explore unknown areas.


The Galapagos Archipelago is 48,000 square kilometers in area and stretches across the Pacific Ocean. Among the islands, 18 are of volcanic nature that inspired Charles Darwin to lay the foundations of his theory of evolution in his masterpiece “The Origin of the Species.”

From the unique wildlife like giant tortoises and sea lions to the dancing boobies and iguanas, many islands on the archipelago offer unique experiences. For example, Santa Cruz is known for the Charles Darwin Research Center, Isabela Island is known as the home of the giant tortoises, and Bartolome for its mesmerizing scenery.

Make sure not to miss out on the snorkeling, where you get to swim with manta rays, seals, and marine iguanas. Snorkeling is the main activity on these islands, so bring your goggles and swimsuit and jump into the Galapagos waters.

To book a cruise to Galapagos, visit the Aqua Expeditions website and check their deals and packages.

Balearic Islands

The Balearic Islands are four major islands and many smaller ones. These islands belong to Spain and have a territory of 4992 km2 in the Mediterranean. The four major islands are Mallorca, Menorca, Formentera, and Ibiza. Ibiza is among the most famous islands among tourists and is considered a party capital.

If you’re cruising through the Balearic Islands, visit Serra de Tramuntana, a mountain range where you can witness glorious sceneries, medieval villages, and great beaches. Majorca is rich in hiking trails and serene beaches, so if you’re up for a lovely evening at the beach, bring your wallet and enjoy a cocktail at sunset.

And if you want to experience the medieval site of the Balearic Islands, take a trip to one of the most beautiful and historic towns, Alcudia. It’s a town surrounded by walls, filled with local shops, museums, and restaurants.

Menorca is the less visited island; however, it has the most beautiful landscapes. It’s a quiet and conservative island, perfect for those looking for remote and secluded beaches. The small coastal resorts, pristine beaches, and picturesque countryside are the highlights of Menorca, so make sure to book at least a day tour of this lovely island.

Tierra del Fuego

This group of islands is scattered throughout Chile and Argentina. The alluring archipelago is for travelers who are looking for a peaceful vacation. Even though Tierra del Fuego is isolated and distant, it is not cut off from the mainland.

On the eastern part, a few islets and a third of the island Isla Grande belong to Argentina, while the rest belongs to Chile. The main destination many visitors opt for is Ushuaia, an Argentinian city located beneath jagged mountains and the perfect spot for visiting the Beagle Channel.

The village of Tolhuin and Lago Fagnano are the main focus in the central part of the archipelago. At the same time, Isla de Los Estados is a mysterious island on the east that’s extremely difficult to visit.

The best time to visit Tierra del Fuego is the summer period from December to February. But the archipelago is crowded and busy, even during late March and April.

The Caribbean

The Caribbean archipelago is a famous tourist place that allures travelers from across the globe to spend their holidays, vacations, and honeymoons there. It has azure blue waters, white sandy beaches, and a tropical climate.

The islands with the best weather are Barbados and Anguilla. Nevertheless, Barbados’ climate is less prone to storms and hurricanes than the rest of the islands. There are many stunning islands worth visiting; however, St. Kitts and Nevis, Grenada, Dominica, Turks and Caicos, and St. Lucia are among the top 5.

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Now that you’ve learned a couple of things about each of these archipelagos, it’s time to book your cruise and get on an unforgettable journey. Each of these destinations is unique and offers a different experience, so do your research and choose the destination based on your preferences.

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