Picking the Best Place to Work and Travel

Picking the best place to work and travel will depend on what you hope to accomplish. Are you looking to move your life abroad for the foreseeable future? Or are you more interested in a brief stint abroad to get some life experience and immerse yourself in a new culture?

Once you’ve answered that first question, you’ll be able to narrow down your choices based on a few factors. You should consider what is feasible for you in terms of acquiring a visa, what jobs pique your interest, and most importantly, which country you’d like to spend your days exploring. Let’s explore some possible options.


Australia is a great option for both working holidays and professionals with their eyes set on a sunnier climate. Not only does it boast vibrant cities full of coffee shops and rooftop bars, but you can also explore wild landscapes, UNESCO World Heritage sites and more.

While it isn’t always easy to secure a work visa, there are currently skills shortages in the  finance, construction, education, engineering and healthcare sectors. So, if you’re qualified in any of these fields you could apply for a skilled migration visa.

Working Holiday visas, meanwhile, are for people aged 18 to 35 and you can work and travel for up to 3 years. If you’re not fussed about what kind of job you’ll be doing, you can typically find a position through word of mouth or on job boards upon arrival.


Considered one of the happiest places to live, according to the World Happiness Report, and known for its high salaries and low unemployment – 2.5% to be precise – unsurprisingly, Denmark is an appealing destination to work and travel.

However, if you’re a non-native, be prepared for the challenges you may face trying to get your foot in the door of a local company. Generally, Danish applicants are prioritised over overseas candidates. This doesn’t have to be a deal-breaker, though. Do your research on the company you’d like to work for and make it, and your experience, shine in your application.

Alternatively, you could apply for an internship. The majority of internships available are based in Copenhagen, and you can obtain both a residence and work permit of up to 18 months even if you’re not an EU resident.


Japan is ranked as one of the safest countries in the world and travel is made exceptionally easy thanks to the public transport system which is both efficient and affordable. Alongside exploring the quirks of Tokyo, which you can read more about, you can take day trips like jumping on the bullet train that runs to the volcanic island of Kyushu.

Hoping to attract foreign workers, the Japanese government has introduced various initiatives such as expanding the list of eligible occupations for the Working Holiday Visa program. It also created a new visa for highly skilled workers, however, be aware that if you’d like to work in Japanese companies you will probably need a working knowledge of the language.

Another popular option is to go into teaching English. Whether you choose to teach English abroad for summer time or longer, Japan is known for its lucrative teaching salaries and would be a great way to immerse yourself in a culture full of ancient traditions and even save some money in the process.


If you’re into long walks on the beach, then you’re in luck because Canada has the world’s longest coastline, as well as Niagra Falls, the Rocky Mountains and other natural wonders. Moreover, it has the ninth-largest economy in the world, so it has more going for it than just beauty.

There are a variety of jobs that are currently in demand such as accountants, admin assistants, engineers, HR managers, nurses, and pharmacists. These opportunities can be found through online job boards or networking, and if you land yourself a role, you can find information about what visa you can apply for through the official website of the government of Canada.

While Canada is a bilingual country, being home to both French and English speakers, being fluent in English is more than enough to get by as it is the main spoken language. Work-wise you can expect to work around 40 hours a week, and you’ll receive two weeks of annual leave after a year of paid work, which will eventually increase to three after six years of work.


Austria is the ideal place for active outdoor lovers, with opportunities to hike, climb and ski. It’s also extremely attractive to expats thanks to its high standard of living. Be aware though that although English is widely spoken, to build a life in Austria you will need to speak German as it is the official language.

When it comes to finding a job, online job boards should be your go-to but make sure that your CV and cover letter are both in German. Also aim to arrive to any interviews on time, as punctuality is extremely important to Austrians.

For those looking for seasonal work, you could work either in bars, clubs, restaurants, cafes or even become a ski instructor. Alternatively, you may want to try your hand at grape picking or au pair work, which may not necessarily require any knowledge of the German language.


While the UAE is known to have quite a conservative culture that should be respected, it is also an extremely cosmopolitan country with a highly developed infrastructure, modern accommodation, top-notch medical facilities and excellent restaurants.

To find a job here, you’re better off looking closer to home first. Many expats that live there secured positions in their home country in international companies that also operate in the UAE and then put in a transfer request. This is the easiest route as you need to be sponsored by an employer to work in the country.

Short–term contracts are also available, though in more specific industries such as construction, oil or tourism. For a hospitality role, look to the tourist hotspots like Abu Dhabi and Dubai. Otherwise, you could consider teaching English. Due to the attractive salaries and benefits offered in these positions, competition is fierce, and experienced candidates are preferred.

The choice is yours

Overall, picking the best place to work and travel is a process that will look different for everyone. While the sheer choice can be overwhelming, knowing what you want from your work life, and what your interests are will take you that step closer to your next adventure.

Once you’ve decided, all that’s left to do is research and gather as much information as you can to ensure a smooth transition as what started as an idea becomes your new reality.

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