The Ultimate Stylish Girls’ Trip to Munich

Munich features a host of cultural riches, and its fashion and design scene is just as hot. The Bavarian capital, with its beautiful Palace gardens, sprawling museums, and rich beers, is the place every stylish girl should visit on a European trip. Munich should be on your travel bucket list — a city with over 1,000 years of history, famed for its style and architecture, and a perfect combination of tradition and technology. Since most tourists don’t have a month to travel, I’ve put together a three-day itinerary in Munich that will be more than enough to experience the cream of the crop. The following guide to the city’s most opulent sights, from the capital’s finest fashion to its top haute cuisine, late-night haunts, and best boutique hotels, will keep you busy and help you peel back the petals of this stunning city one at a time.

Stylish Travel Options for a Trip to Munich

If you have arrived in style by private charter (which all stylish girls do), the rest of your Munich visit should be similarly opulent and lavish. Treat yourself to a chauffeur-driven car or at least a high-end, luxury rental car that gets you from A to B in style.

Exploring Munich’s Fashion and Design Scene

Begin your Munich adventure by diving into its renowned fashion and design scene. Visit boutiques in Maximilianstrasse, where high-end fashion houses and designer labels abound. For a unique experience, visit local design studios and ateliers offering bespoke services where you can witness the magic behind Munich’s fashion industry firsthand.

Experiencing the High-End Dining and Nightlife of Munich

Munich’s culinary landscape is as exquisite as its fashion. Plan a dinner at locations like Tantris or Atelier, where gourmet dishes and sophisticated ambiances are the norm. Following dinner, delve into Munich’s vibrant nightlife; chic bars and clubs, such as P1 Club, await to offer a taste of Munich’s luxurious night scene.

Off the Beaten Path

I recommend you also look for quirky and unusual things to do, such as a tour of the elaborate Nymphenburg Palace, a day trip into the Bavarian Alps, or a health spa day at one of Munich’s luxurious health clubs.

Marienplatz is the largest plaza in old town Munich. You can stroll down the cobblestone streets and take in the bright, well-tended window boxes of flowers that bloom from the windows in old town when spring rolls around. Take note of the different spires and little church domes in the shape of an onion — this architecture is one of Munich’s best-known sights.

I highly recommend staying close to Marienplatz if you want a little character. Here, you can visit the Old Town Hall, the Altes Rathaus, the New Town Hall, or Neues Rathaus. The Old Town Hall dates back to the 14th century, while the New Town Hall is a Neo-gothic creation that was erected in the 19th century.

Stay in Style

If you want accommodation that oozes sophistication and style, choose from these incredibly opulent hotels in Munich. The Bayerischer Hof, a genuine grand dame hotel, is the perfect location for your ladies’ trip party if you love a setting that simply screams old money.

The Andaz Munich Schwabinger Tor is just as luxurious but much sleeker and has a slightly more modern feel. Here, Manhattan style meets German Excellence, and the impeccable service will keep you returning.

If you’d prefer something a little more discreet but still stylish, the 75-key Cortina Hotel is tucked away on a side street (actually across three different buildings). It is as central as it gets in the city, just waiting to welcome you. It has an understated style, not too loud or muted — the perfect balance.

I’m both a hotel and a handbag addict and if this hotel were a bag, it would be a Bottega Veneta: no ‘in-your-face’ ostentatious glamour here, more peaceful, discreet, stylish kind of aesthetic, with muted color palettes, herringbone floors, and chunky, solid furniture.

Creating Your Personalized Itinerary for a Stylish Girls Trip in Munich

Tailor your Munich visit by curating your itinerary to include fashion, food, and culture. Think art galleries, a show at the National Theater, or an evening of private shopping at local boutiques.

Though Bavaria as a whole is awash with castles and palaces, Munich’s city limits contain some lovely examples. In many cases you need to pay to go inside the buildings, it’s usually free to wander in the grounds, which are often quite sufficient to get a feel for the city’s past. The vast park surrounding the western Nymphenburg Palace, with its resident swans and canal (with a luxurious Venetian gondola service in summer) is not to be missed.

In Love With Munich

What better setting for a stylish girls’ trip than Munich? This city is steeped in stunning high fashion, delectable cuisine, and the most perfectly appointed accommodation in Bavaria. It’s certainly not your run-of-the-mill vacation. Instead, it’s an elevated celebration of all that luxury has to offer. Munich is ready to serve you the best of the best — you and your stylish traveling besties are in for a treat of a trip when you visit Munich.

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