Macau: The Asian Answer To Vegas?
Leah Walker November 15, 2017

Okay, so you’ve been to Vegas, and you loved it. Now what? Whether you’ve been to Sin City twenty times or you’ve only been in your dreams, it’s not the only adult playground out there. It may not be on everyone’s list but Macau is fast rising as an Asian superstar, full of the same casinos and high rises you may be more used to in the Nevada desert. In fact, Lonely Planet themselves call it the “Vegas of Asia”, so why not see for yourself?

Where Exactly Is Macau?

If you’re wanting to do something a little different, Macau is about as far away as it gets. It’s an autonomous region on the South Coast of China (meaning that you will probably need a visa to go there, but it is worth it). Despite its location, it actually draws influence from an abundance of cultures, including Portuguese (as it was under their rule until 1999). It’s very modern and highly up-and-coming, with plenty to do.

So, if you’re looking for a hot new vacation destination – why not break the mold? 

Asia: A “Hotbed For Poker”!

If you’re interested in poker, this may well be your playground – literally. According to Swedish poker pro Sofia Lovgren, it’s an awesome place to play, as it’s so thriving. It’s vibrant, lively, and full of plenty of fresh faces to keep things interesting. 

Of course, learning Mandarin helps – but you don’t have to. Thanks to plenty of different hotels springing up all over the region, there are plenty of tourists playing poker every weekend. Many of the locations to play mimic those in Vegas; for example, there’s a “Venetian” Macau, just as there’s a Venetian in Vegas, and it’s the top rated thing to do in the area. 

If poker isn’t so much your game, the thrill of the casino may well be. Vegas has been home to millions of players of all kinds of games, and they don’t necessarily have to know their stuff. It’s all about the fun of the game, and when you’re on vacation, there’s plenty of that to go around! Macau is no different, it’s just as much a destination as anywhere else!

What Else Is On Offer?

The difference between Macau and Vegas is thanks to the different location; there’s so much culture to contrast with the craziness! If you want a break from the casinos, try the historic center of Macau or the very European-seeming Ruins of St. Paul’s. 

There are also convention centers, museums, and gardens – in addition to plenty of Chinese temples. You should also visit the “City of Dreams”, a highly impressive, Westernized shopping mall. As you will see, there are plenty of attractions here to keep people of all interests entertained. They even have amazing food!

While the world is only now expanding its horizons when it comes to vacation destinations, stay one step ahead of the game. Right now, you may not know anyone who’s been to Macau, but that’s all about to change. Why not start that change with you?


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Leah Walker

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