Why Do So Many Tourists Visit London?
Leah Walker April 23, 2018

London is one of the most cosmopolitan cities in the world. It has a diverse range of people and cultures with over 300 languages being spoken. Measured by passenger traffic, it has the world’s largest city airport system and millions of tourists from around the globe visit London every year.


London is steeped in history; you will see a historical landmark or building wherever you look, and some of them are World Heritage Sites. Places like the Tower Of London, Westminster Abbey, St Paul’s Cathedral, Big Ben, and the Palace Of Westminster are just a few that visitors flock to and will queue for hours to get a peek inside. Then, there are outdoor places like Trafalgar Square and Kensington Gardens that are popular for strolls and picnics.


Modern Technology

London may be a historical city but it is also at the forefront of the latest technology, known worldwide for its research and development. It has even opened its first virtual reality arcade, VR Champions, where players can be transported to another world for the duration of their game. Most gamers will be familiar with VR from video games like Skyrim and Subnautica but the tech has recently made inroads into wider entertainment, with online casino slot games like Gonzo’s Quest now letting players strap on a headset to play.


Royalty is one of the biggest draws of all to London. Tourists will stand outside Buckingham Palace for hours hoping to get a glimpse of the Queen, Prince Phillip, or one of the other Royals. Some of them walk up and down The Mall waiting for one of the Royals to pass them in a car and are thrilled if they get a wave from them. Buckingham Palace is one of the few working royal residencies left in the world and, since it started to open its doors to the public for just a few weeks of each year, it has been a complete sellout.


Whatever type of food you want to try, you will find it somewhere in London. From restaurants run by famous Michelin Star Chefs such as Gordon Ramsey or Heston Blumenthal to corner cafes, and, for a variety of foods from all over the world, London is hard to beat.



London has well over 100 theatres scattered around the centre and the Greater London area. That is a lot of choice of plays, shows, and concerts of all types. With famous venues such as the London Coliseum, Her Majesty’s Theatre, the London Palladium and The Old Vic Theatre, it’s not unusual for tourists to spend every evening at one of these venues.

A trip to London can cost as much or as little as you want. There is no end of top-class hotels, B&B’s or hostels, so there’s something to suit everyone’s budget. And, also, there are times of the year when London is fully booked because of special events that bring in extra visitors, and often the summer months are the quietest because the Royal Family have their holidays then. Plan ahead but, most importantly, have fun exploring one of the world’s most famous cities.

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