5 Southeast Asian Cities to Explore from Hong Kong

Vacation! A time to catch up on lost time, unwind, let go of the hassles of life, enjoy the scenic beauty. What better way to spend a vacation than in Southeast Asia? The Southeast Asian countries have won the heart of many tourists, from friendly locals, amazing culinary tours, and breathtaking scenic beauty and unique architecture.

Cities to Explore from Hong Kong

There are various magnificent city options within Southeast Asia that you ought to visit. Don’t just stop at Hong Kong. It’s time to broaden your traveling horizon and explore these fantastic cities from Hong Kong.


Here’s a city within the Philippines that has a peculiar blend of Spanish, American cultures as well as Filipino. Book your flight with Cathay Pacific to have an experience of the fantastic city. The tourist reward within the town is beyond words. Get a chance to take a tour of Fort Santiago, which displays a rich Spanish history. Also, tour the San Augustin church and museum, which is one of the oldest and most significant churches in the Philippines.

Take an evening stroll at the Manila Baywalk and enjoy the live music, fantastic food vendors, and the beautiful sunset. If you enjoy taking weird photos to make a memorable experience, you ought to pay a visit to the upside-down museum.

Ho Chi Minh City

Are you in search of a buzzing city? Here’s a phenomenal city that you ought to visit. Enjoy the rich history in the town as you explore the Asian and French fusion from the mouth-watering crepes. It offers an excellent opportunity from nature lovers as the side trips are limitless. Get a chance to see the Cai Be floating markets. You can also see Ben Tre, which is exceptionally phenomenal.

Luang Prabang Laos

It’s a beautiful city with extra friendly locals. Get a chance to enjoy the fantastic prowess as well as immense pride in the signature dishes and crafts. You can have a taste of the street food, which is quite safe and amazing, leaving you longing for more. Don’t forget to take a sunset river cruise along the pretty land stretch. It’s a time to create memorable experiences while in Laos.

Chiang Mai

The weather within Chiang Mai is more than pleasant. It’s a city that is quite famous among backpackers. It’s a gem that offers a fair chance to enjoy serene nature even when one is on a budget. You can check out Doi Inthanon, which is quite beautiful. It’s a chance to test your hiking limits and conquer new milestones. If you are searching for a redeeming getaway, then Chiang Mai is the go-to destination!


Malaysia is quite famous for the Malaysian tigers as well as impressive Petronas towers. However, the Penang city offers a shocking contrast. Get a chance to see how various Asian cultures blend. Try out the ghost museum to have a good prelude. Take a ferry joyride at Butterworth to catch the scenic sunset. You can also enjoy a walk in the streets of harmony and learn more about the various cultures.

Southeast Asian cities have so much to offer than you can imagine. Get your vacation groove on and go to Cathay Pacific to check out fantastic holiday deals in Southeast Asia.

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