The 4 Most Popular Table Games in Las Vegas – And Where to Play Them

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While it’s true that Las Vegas is undergoing something of an evolution in its identity as a tourist destination, Sin City remains one of the world’s number-one land-based gaming hubs. Forget the Michelin-starred fine dining or the A-list rock star residencies, Vegas was built on its casinos and many still flock from all four corners of the world to enjoy them.

There’s something magical about sitting down at a table with people you’ve never met and revelling in each other’s wins and losses. With great dealers, great conversation, and attentive servers, the vibes are always on-point.

It’s very difficult to replicate the atmosphere of a Las Vegas casino floor. Other land-based casinos around the world try their best, but the heritage, glitz, and glamor of these resorts is very hard to compete with. The leading online casinos have branched out into live streamed casino games, including many of the table games featured in this article. These titles are prominently featured in the libraries of established iGaming brands. Live casino studios are designed to recreate that heady mix of sophistication and excitement which an evening in a Vegas casino so often generates, but broadcast direct to your computer or smartphone.

For those who’ve enjoyed casino table games online and are itching to experience them for the first time in Las Vegas, here is a handy guide to the most popular games along the Vegas Strip and the best casinos in which to try them.


The wheel-based game of roulette is one of the most accessible table games for all casino-goers in Las Vegas. The simple game dynamics attract new and experienced players alike, with the basic remit to correctly predict the next numbered pocket that the ball will land on.

Look to the MGM Grand for the best roulette experience. With no less than 16 roulette tables – including two French Roulette tables offering the La Partage rule which halves the game’s house edge – you’ll be spoilt for choice when it comes to action and atmosphere.


Blackjack, also known as 21, is undoubtedly the king of card games in Las Vegas. Its main attraction is that you only play your hand against the dealer’s hand, unlike in other card games when you play against the people sat at your table.

The plush surroundings of the Aria Resort & Casino are considered by many to be the best for blackjack games. That’s because they typically offer the most competitive house edge on the Strip. A blackjack session in Aria doesn’t come cheap though, as minimum bets start at $50 per hand.


There are no better games for raw energy and drama on the casino floors of Las Vegas than the table game of craps. This dice game is a faithful regular on the Vegas Strip, inspired by the English dice game of Crabs, conceived of in the late 18th century. To complete novices, craps looks utterly confusing, with so many bet options on the table layout, but once you’re familiar it’s a very enjoyable game.

As craps is hard to pick up from the get-go, several casinos including Flamingo, The Linq, Palazzo, Luxor, and New York, New York offer free craps lessons. The most intimate craps games on the Vegas Strip can be found in The Cromwell, formerly known by another name. Crowds are thinner here, which is ideal for craps beginners – and they still offer 100x odds on craps.


Baccarat is Asia’s most popular table game by some distance. It’s also increasingly popular in the western world, as it’s a very easy game to pick up and play. You just need to bet on whether the player or the banker will have the highest-value hand – or if it’ll be a tie (don’t take this bet as it carries terrible odds).

Caesars Palace is a treasure trove for baccarat enthusiasts, with around 50 tables offered here. However, the minimum bets start from $200 which is by no means cheap for tourists. Elsewhere on the Strip, New York, New York has multiple tables with $10 table minimums, as does Circus Circus and the Westgate.

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