Preparing for Prague
Leah Walker October 1, 2012

The countdown is on, ladies and gentlemen. Six weeks from today I’m leaving on a jet plane for my month-long Go with Oh adventure in Europe.


You may know that I’ve already announced the first destination of my European trip as being Prague. I picked the city for a number of reasons. First, I’ve never been. In fact, the Czech Republic will be the furthest east I’ve been in Europe. Second, everyone that I’ve spoken with and everything I’ve read sings the praises of Prague. I thought, “What the hell? Let’s do this.”

Premonition of Prague winter


I wasn’t going to let a little thing like winter keep me from seeing the city of a hundred spires.  I did have a tinge of regret when I spoke of my plan to visit Prague in November to a German friend. His eyes became large and said, “Are you sure? Prague is cold, I mean seriously cold, and I grew up in Germany!”  Oh well, this Houstonian wants to experience a winter that doesn’t include flip flops. Of course, I may regret this decision when my extremities can no longer be felt.

I’ll admit that I don’t know much about Prague, and I’ve done very little research. I know the basics: Explore the Old Town, Lesser Town, the Prague Castle, and the Charles Bridge. That’s really it. I even considered knocking a couple other countries off my bucket list while in the Czech Republic. I checked out train trips to Berlin and Vienna from Prague, but ultimately decided to save that for another time. All three of those cities deserve more time than I have to give.

Thanks to my travel-partner-in-crime, Lola, I am well aware that Prague and the Czech Republic are famous for their beer. In fact, when I visited Lola in Massachusetts this summer to hatch our European plans, I noticed that many of her suggestions for Prague revolved around the pubs and breweries.

Two Beers - Krusovice


Now, I’m no teetotaler, and I’ve certainly had my fair-share of hangovers and stupid, drunken behavior, but weeks and even months can also pass without alcohol crossing my lips. I’m afraid that this trip with Lola might do some serious damage to my otherwise healthy liver. This is certainly something I should prepare myself for, and Lola, being the wonderful friend she is, decided that I need a little tolerance training prior to setting off for Europe. Such a giver, that one.

My liver and I need your help. 

PLEASE give me your best recommendations for Prague! Yeah, ok, I’d love suggestions for your favorite pubs and breweries, but I’m pleading with you, give me some ideas that don’t involve barley and hops! And, if you’re going to be in Prague November 6-9, holler at me. I’d love to, dare I say, have a beer with you.

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Leah Walker

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  1. I would LOVE to help, but I cannot. I have been to Prague once, for a conference – and met Mr. O ha ha. But remember a brisk tour of the city centre and we always said we would go back one day! I think you will be telling me where to go instead 🙂

    1. Well, it sounds like you found the best souvenir ever in Mr. O. I’ll just have to settle for a magnet or something totally else totally boring. 🙂

  2. I already told you how much I love Florence; well, now I’m going to tell you how much I love Prague! Maybe I’ll just leave it at this–Prague has a lot of personal meaning for me, and it is a city that needs time to really explore and space away from the crowds. It makes me sad when I hear people complain that they didn’t like Prague because it was too crowded, there were too many people trying to scam them, or the people who work at the train station and hotels were not friendly. Prague is so special, and it really deserves careful planning before and a close look while there. I have a couple of good resources that I can send you by email if you’d like. I look forward to following along with your trip!!

    1. I’m so happy to hear that you love Prague as well. Perhaps I just bring you along with me as a guide. Please send me your rescources. I’d love to know your advice. I don’t think I can say that I’ve not liked any place. Instead, there are just places that I like more than others. There are great people and qualities everywhere. I’m sure I’ll love Prague as much as you do.

      1. I wrote a post for easyjet’s blog about 5 less-touristy things to do in Prague, and Uncornered Market have a great one about how to avoid the crowds of tourists. There is also an amateur photographer named Adam Paul who has like a 28-part series about Prague. I will send you the links soon. Message me if I forget 🙂 And I would love to come along as your guide, hee hee.

    1. HOLLER BACK! Yay! When you said that you and Gerard might stalk me on my Go with Oh tour, I didn’t quite believe you. Well, I’m happy your are. Lauren is looking into a place where we can bathe in beer, so that would be some fun, don’t you think? Hahahaha!

      1. Bathe in beer.. sounds awesome! I’m afraid we might do some damage to your liver as well during our time in Prague. But rest assure, you’ll only have to answer to L for the rest of your GWO trip. Lol. We’re heading East. Hehe

  3. Prague in November is not that cold , unless you’re a Texan 😉 . You are going to love it, seriously bummed I’m missing you guys by one week !!! I am already conditioning myself for an uptake in beer consumption . Prague is such a great blend if old & new – I will be awaiting your thoughts on your visit.

    Cheers, Karl

    1. Well, you know I’m not used to those New England winters like you are. And parts of Texas does have very cold winters. I just don’t happen to currently live in one of those places. Yeah, I was excited to hear that you were going to be in Prague, but disappointed to have missed you by such a small amount of time. I had myself a Stella Saturday night, but didn’t even finish it. I need to really get into training. I’ve got less than a month!

  4. My husband will love it! He’s a homebrewer and is looking forward to heading to europe to try new beers. Be open minded to tasting things (says the girl who doesn’t drink beer!)

  5. I visited Prague about 10 years ago… my favorite recollections include daily classical concerts in old churches and well-preserved Baroque venues, and the “cellar” pubs that 15th century monks used to drink in… Another great memory was that I was walking along the Charles Bridge and actually ran into a past colleague of mine from Austin! What a coincidence…

    1. I’ll have to keep an ear out for those concerts. It seems like something I’d truly enjoy. And cellar pubs…now you’re talking. Thanks for these tips. I’ll see you in BCN! Safe travels.

      1. This is a good time of year to go to Prague, a bit cold, but maybe you’ll get to enjoy a gentle snowfall dusting the Charles Bridge… reminds me of walking around Mozart’s haunts in Salzburg in late November. Speaking of Mozart, look for the green-tinted Estates Theater Opera House in Old Town used in the 1984 film Amadeus, and where Mozart’s Don Giovanni debuted in 1787. Have fun at the cellar pubs!

  6. Prague is amazing, amazing, amazing! I haven’t been in winter though, but I bet it’s just this amazing, but in a different way. It’s probably the most vibrant city I’ve ever been in, it feels like youth, craziness and hippies.. Oh, and go to Cross bar – it’s really famous bar, it’s made of old bus parts – dingy in the most awesome way!

    1. You’re about the MILLIONTH person to say the exact same thing. I have zero expectations, so I’m thinking it will blow me away. Cross Bar…got it! Sounds really cool. Thanks.

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