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Certainly France is far more than Paris, and I’ve relished my experiences throughout the country. Since moving to Paris in 2015, I’ve visited every French region, some multiple times.
I’m a total hotel geek. There’s not much more I adore than checking into a new hotel. I examine the toiletries, inspect the linens, and investigate the amenities. I’ve lost count of the number of hotels I’ve slept in or toured since starting this site in 2011, but it’s likely close to 500. Every hotel listed on this page is one that I absolutely recommend. Either I’ve spent the night in the hotel or I’ve spent a significant amount of time in its restaurants, spa, or bar. My recommendations are based on personal experience. In addition, some of these links are affiliate, meaning I make a small commission, with no additional cost to you. This helps keep me stocked in French wine, as well as a roof over my head.

Les Jardins du Mess

Château des Monthairons

France Archives

I’ve written quite a lot about France, both for this site, as well as in other publications. It’s by far my favorite subject. There are many story ideas dancing around in my head yet to be written. Give me time, but until then, comb through my French archives for ideas about what to see, do, eat, drink, and avoid in France.


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